Lisa Houghton

I am a passionate doula and I love working with moms through Pregnancy, Births and Babies. I have 3 beautiful children, who were all natural births, and my love for pregnancy and birth led me to be a surrogate too.

I have studied many alternative health modules including reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy, breathwork and energy work. I was a SCIO practitioner for many years and have studied anatomy and physiology.

I love to bring all my experience into the birth room and guide mothers with love, care and patience. I bring calm and tranquility into the birthing space, allowing moms to feel encouraged, guided and held.

What to expect from a doula (2)

working with

your partner

I will work alongside your partner and not instead of.  The support of your partner is essential for you in this sacred and beautiful time, and I will work with and guide you both.  Partners can enjoy every moment with you. I will encourage your partner to be an active part in your labour and keep them calm.  





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