It's ok if the birth books don't make sense. You don't need to try to understand what's to come. You don't even need to prepare. The greatest task is simply to surrender and let yourself remember what is written in the stars.

Don't forget that this work is as ancient as humanity. Don't forget that the wisdom is coded into your cells. Don't forget that you and the universe are working as one.

Traversing that shadowy realm of birth to bring your baby back with you. Like some cosmic starship traveling between worlds, welcoming a new soul earthside, pulling that tiny slippery body through the sacred portal and onto your chest.

Don't ever doubt your power mama. Those mighty rushes that crash over you, the waves that rock you- you are the source of that ocean of strength. Your pain and your power are the same dance with different names.

Don't ever fear the mighty expression of your womb, that moves through you, stretching the limits of your mind and body, and delivering you to motherhood- shaking and sweaty in the ecstasy of new love.

~ Words and Art by Catie Atkinson





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