I offer extensive prenatal, birthing support, and postnatal care. Included in my birthing support, are massages, guidance & support. Due to my experience in reiki, essential oil use and meditation, I offer those to any new parents that are interested or comfortable with it too. 

In postnatal care, I will help the new mom get ready and cleaned up to comfortably meet baby. I will guide both parents to ensure beautiful memories and easier connection. I will also provide breast feeding guidance and support.


Prenatal visit – R600

- Preparing you for what's to come. Discussing the specifics of your birth plan and getting to know each other before the birthing day. This step will ensure that your day goes to plan and that we have a comfortable relationship.

Birth support – R3000

 - This is the most important job of a doula. The support i will offer you on your birthing day will include massages, exercises, Reiki and essential oil use (if you would like). As well as, some port birth support, such as connection exercises, lactation support, and some practices to include at home to make these first few weeks as special as possible.

Postnatal visit – R600

- A check in at any point after birth, for general support, lactation support, a general health check of you and bay. And more specified help now that you have had some time wit baby.

Closing the bones – R600

- This a sacred ritual which is aimed at supporting mom through her healing post birth. To learn more about this read our explanation at a later point on this page. Or get in touch.

Releasing birth trauma meditation – R600

- The memories and feelings of our own births are stored deep within us. by working through our own birth story, we allow for a more peaceful and calm birth of our own children. If you have specific or generalised anxiety about birthing, this is just the thing for you!

Reiki – R600

- These sessions although useful for mom, are also suitable for the whole family, as adding a new member to any family comes with some apprehension. 

Includes a prenatal visit, birth support and a postnatal visit. (2)


Baby balancing

Baby’s journey through the birth process can be quite strenuous and a gentle balancing with Reiki can be calming. If a baby was born via caesarean section, you may find they are a little fussy as they have not gone through the birth canal, which gently stretches out their spine (thereby getting the correct energy flow) and brings them earthside calmly. Babies benefit significantly with reiki, whether natural or c-section. Creating an energy flow helps baby settle wonderfully into feeding and sleeping. I also do gentle reflexology with baby to help with digestion, lungs etc thereby giving them a wonderful full body balance.

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Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is beneficial for everyone from newborn to adults. Constant contact to negative energy (cell phones, computers, office environment toxic relationships etc) can cause us to feel disconnected and unwell. Symptoms may include lethargy, digestive issues, quick tempered, overwhelmed and depressed, to name a few. An energy balancing session including reiki, reflexology and meditation may be all you need to feel like yourself again. Learn tools to help you in every day situations so you may center yourself easily and calmly.

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Closing the bones

This ancient ritual originated in South America and is used around the world to honour new mothers to mark the closing of the incredible journey she has taken growing and birthing a child. The session is completely sacred and can cause no harm. A woman who has birthed naturally can do the ritual as soon as she likes, post birth. A caesarean birth mother may do the ritual from 6 weeks post birth. The beauty of the ritual is anyone can do the ritual at any stage in their life and feel incredible benefits.

A closing the bones ritual is a gentle process of allowing a new mother to centre and calm her energies. It helps to bring herself back. Allowing her body to be still and her mind to reset. The ritual allows her to be held in the most loving way, taking her back to feelings of the womb and bringing her energy into alignment.

In the ritual the woman is enrobed in cloths that hold her body firmly and lovingly. With each knot tied in the cloths the woman is reminded of her body and the steadfastness and wholeness of it. It grounds her. She brings her energy back to her physical body. The cloths around the hip area help her ‘bones’ to close as her pelvis is gently held firm. It promotes healing and realigning of the womb and other organs.

When giving birth, it is said that a woman’s soul rises up and fetches her baby’s soul and brings it earthside with her. Such a beautiful and sacred thought. The act of childbirth is so mystical and magical, that the thought of a mother’s soul briefly reaching out is truly wonderful. When a mother is in the state of transition and trusting her body, she is using every ounce of her energy to ride each wave of pressure to birth new life. This is when she is open and vulnerable. The rawness of birth is real. She is stretched to her limit. She is powerful and brave. She opens up and her body moves in an automatic dance, knowing exactly what to do. She shifts from girl to woman. Woman to mother. She births and lays back to catch her breath and for one small moment she is not present. She needs to come back to herself. She needs to breathe deeply to centre herself. Then she will look down and her whole world will stand still as she takes in the sight and smell of her new baby. The magic of birth.

Giving birth leaves a mother feeling elated and joyful, yet she stays open and raw for weeks after a birth. Her body feels empty. Women need to be held and nurtured. They need nourishing food and warm, calming drinks. They need to be one with themselves again.

Release blocked energy and emotions by being held. Incorporated into the treatment is meditation, reiki and tapping. I have 24 years of energy healing experience and would love to take you on a healing journey. A beautiful and sacred space for you to experience calm and love.

Blessings, Lisa

Midwives I work closely with

Although a doula can follow you anywhere, I have a few midwives I work closely with and highly recommend. Feel free to ask me more about why I'd recommend these establishment and wonderful women. Otherwise get in touch with them directly.





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